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Press Room

Representatives of HRCAP and its member organizations are available to speak about the issues concerning historical recordings in the U.S. and the coalition’s legislative proposals. For information contact the following:

Tim Brooks (info@recordingcopyright.org)
Executive Director, HRCAP, and chair of the ARSC Copyright & Fair Use Committee.

We can also put you in touch with representatives of other organizations supporting the ARSC legislative proposals.

Press Releases & Other Documents

October 12, 2018 -- The Music Modernization Act, With Changes Advocated by ARSC, Becomes Law.  » “ The Music Modernization Act, With Changes Advocated by ARSC, Represents a Major Advance for Preservation and Access to Historical Recordings.” [pdf]

May 5, 2010 -- Eighth major organization votes to back HRCAP copyright reform proposals.  » View press release: “Popular Culture Association is Eighth Major Organization to Endorse Recommended Changes in Copyright Law.” [pdf]

March 21, 2010 -- HRCAP submits comments to the new White House copyright chief.  » View document: “Recommendations to the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Regarding Historical Sound Recordings.” [pdf]

May 19, 2009 -- ARSC secures legislation requiring study of status of pre-1972 recordings.  » View press release: “HRCAP applauds historic legislation mandating study on bringing pre-1972 recordings under federal law.” [pdf]

March 23, 2009 -- The Society for American Music joins HRCAP.  » View press release: “HRCAP welcomes the Society for American Music to the coalition.” [pdf]

December 5, 2008 -- HRCAP submits white paper on copyright and historical recordings to the incoming Obama administration.  » View document: “Recommendations to the New Administration Regarding Sound Recording Copyright.” [pdf]

August 1, 2008 -- Six major organizations vote to back ARSC proposals for copyright reform. » View press release: “American Library Association is the Sixth Major Organization to Endorse ARSC Proposal for Sound Recording Copyright Reform.” [pdf]

Articles & Appearances Concerning Historical Recording Copyright Reform

Summer 2009 -- Article in American Music: “Only in America: The Unique Status of Sound Recordings under U.S. Copyright Law and How It Threatens Our Audio Heritage” by Tim Brooks. » read article (Reproduced by permission. Copyright 2009 by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois. No part of this article may be reproduced or distributed without the permission of the University of Illinois Press. Click here for subscription information.)

May 29, 2009 -- Paper on copyright reform activities in the U.S. delivered on behalf of HRCAP by Prof. Nicholas Cook at the symposium “Sound Property? Investigating the legal status of sound recordings,” University of Salford, U.K.

May 28, 2009 -- Keynote address and expert panel on copyright reform at the annual conference of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, in Washington, DC » hear audio

Spring 2009 -- Issue of Notes, Journal of the Music Library Association: “Copyright and Historical Sound Recordings: Recent Efforts to Change U.S. Law” by Tim Brooks. » learn more

Feb. 20, 2009 -- Speech by Tim Brooks at the Music Library Association Conference, Chicago, IL. » learn more

Nov. 2008 -- Presentation by Sam Brylawski, past president of ARSC, at the Association of Moving Image Archivists Conference in Savannah, GA. » learn more

Feb. 2008 -- Speech by Tim Brooks at the Society for American Music Conference in San Antonio, TX. » learn more

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